Lining Projects 2024

Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District (SBWRD) has contracted C&L Water Solutions, Inc. to rehabilitate portions of the system with Ultraviolet CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) to prolong the life of the aging collections system.  Although this process will cause some inconvenience and temporary sewer service interruptions, this process will minimize the effects on your residence/business greatly compared to traditional open excavation methods.  Some of the biggest benefits to installing CIPP as opposed to open excavation replacement are the time it takes to complete the work (this method typically takes one day or less per segment as opposed to multiple days/weeks for excavation), minimal surface disruption, no asphalt/concrete replacement and much less disruption to daily travel on roadways where the work is taking place.  Affected residents/business owners will be notified a minimum of 48 hours before any such interruption will take place.

For more information please contact:

Dan Olson, Collections System Manager

Mobile: 435-731-0762

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