Treatment Staff

Treatment Staff

Left to right: Dale Choules, Chad Kramer, Gary Hill, Lane Mair, Cliff Medler, Dave Smilanich, Brandon Mason (back), Larry Smith, Marlo Davis, Dennis McCormick, Cody Snyder, Mario Aguilar and Michael Boyle.

Tiffini AdamsTiffini Adams is the District’s Lab Director

Tiffini is responsible for the District’s Utah-NELAC Certified Lab where she performs NPDES permit sampling.

Chad BurrellChad Burrell is the District’s Pretreatment Coordinator and Safety Manager

As Pretreatment Coordinator Chad inspects and monitors discharges from commercial and industrial businesses to ensure compliance with Local, State, and Federal requirements. As safety manager, Chad ensures a safe work environment for all SBWRD employees by ensuring that all work practices meet, or exceed, all Local, State and Federal requirements.