Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District
2020 Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

Project Contractors (click on their link for more info)

Granite Inliner

Use the info below to identify your general area (the Exhibit). Then, use the map below to find where we will be working in your neighborhood. Click the plus sign to zoom in. Left-click and drag the map to pan. Click the double-left (>>) arrows to see the map legend.

  • Exhibit 01: Lariat & Upper Homestead Roads (Jeremy Ranch) & Kilby Road
  • Exhibit 02: Lower Homestead Road (Jeremy Ranch)
  • Exhibit 03: Upper Lando Lane (Jeremy Ranch)
  • Exhibit 04: Pinebrook
  • Exhibit 05: Powderwood
  • Exhibit 06: Quaking Aspen Court (Backlot)
  • Exhibit 07: Sidewinder Drive
  • Exhibit 08: Thaynes Canyon & Webster Drive
  • Exhibit 09: Sullivan Road/Deer Valley Drive/Park Avenue
  • Exhibit 10: Swede Alley (Old Town)
  • Exhibit 11: Royal Street to Marsac (Backlot)
  • Exhibit 12: Ridge Drive & Sterling Court (Deer Valley)