Cease the Grease

Do Not Pour Grease, Fats and Cooking Oil Down Your Drain

  • Instead, pour it in a cup, allow it to cool and harden, then throw it in the trash.
    Better to have it harden outside your plumbing system rather than in your plumbing system where it can cause expensive clogs.
  • Greases and oils from cooking combine with the assortment of chemicals in your plumbing and the public sewer system (fatty acids combining with calcium common in sewer water) to form a waxy, soapy compound. Those fatty blobs stick to the walls of your home plumbing, lateral and public sewer pipes, sometimes referred to as “fatbergs.” Click here to see part of a very large “fatberg” on display in the Museum of London.
  • “Fatbergs” are analogous to bad cholesterol building in your arteries, eventually causing blockages.
  • “Fatbergs” are notorious for generating strong stinky odors too.
  • We all know what this is. If you’ve ever left bacon grease in a frying pan too long, you’ve noticed that it cools and solidifies. Imagine that happening in your home’s plumbing, lateral or the public sewer system.
  • “Fatberg” clogs pose a potential hazard to human health and the environment when the home owner’s plumbing, lateral or the public sewer system backs up. And, they are costly to clear.