Engineering Staff


Kevin Berkley

District Engineer

Kevin is responsible for the management of the Engineering Department. He works with the department staff to establish and implement construction standards, policies, and procedures for new wastewater system construction.

(435) 214-5236


Lisa Sessions

Engineering Technician Specialist

Lisa can answer questions and set up appointments for private lateral inspections and approvals. Lisa also processes correspondence, maintains engineering files, and keeps the Engineering Department running smoothly.

(435) 214-5228


Trent Bay

Project Manager

Trent coordinates the engineering and construction management of District sewer collection system projects. Trent is also responsible for the District's GPS work and wastewater flow monitoring and modeling.

(435) 214-5230


Cory Shorkey

Development Engineer

Cory coordinates the wastewater system design, construction inspection and approval of new subdivisions and developments within the District. He can answer questions regarding the development process and the status of development projects in that process.

(435) 214-5235


Blaine Bowden

Private Lateral Inspector

Blaine is responsible for inspecting new sewer lateral connections and repairs. He can answer questions regarding construction standards and testing requirements for these projects. To schedule private lateral inspections, please contact Lisa Sessions listed above.

(435) 214-5258


Glenn Warner

Mainline Inspector

Glenn is responsible for inspecting new main line projects and can answer questions concerning construction standards and testing requirements for these projects.

(435) 214-5256


Gary Tackman

Information System and GIS Manager

Gary maintains all the District’s databases and the Local Area Network (LAN). He maintains the District’s geographical data using a Geographic Information System (GIS).

(435) 214-5237