Treatment – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it smell at the facilities?
    The District has installed a comprehensive odor control system to prevent odors from leaving the facility. Odors are confined to the enclosed tanks and buildings and the air within those areas is drawn off and scrubbed in a granular activated carbon filter (GAC). Odors do not leave the District’s property.
  2. How much wastewater do you treat?
    On average, we treat about 3.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of our 6.0 MGD capacity. On the short term, however, we can treat up to 12 MGD.
  3. Does the water freeze in the winter?
    No, with an average flow of 1,200 gallons per minute, it doesn’t have a chance to freeze.
  4. How long does it take to clean the wastewater?
    With an average flow of 1.75 MGD, it takes 18-24 hours from when it enters the facility until it is discharged.
  5. Can you drink the water you discharge into the creeks?
    No. While our final effluent is safe to recycle back to the environment, it is not treated to meet drinking water standards.
  6. How do you disinfect the water before discharging it into the creeks?
    The District utilizes Ultraviolet Disinfection (U.V.) at each facility. The U.V. light inactivates any pathogens (harmful bacteria or viruses) which may remain in the water after all previous chemical and/or biological treatment has been completed.
  7. How many people work there?
    The District employs 45 full-time employees in Treatment, Collections, Engineering, Finance, and Administration. A total of 20 employees are engaged at each facility, the laboratory, and the solids and pretreatment programs.
  8. Do you offer tours of the facilities?
    Yes. We very much enjoy conducting tours of the facilities. Please call Michael Boyle at 435-649-7993 x229 to arrange a tour for yourself or your group.